I am not ashamed, I am only human.
I feel as much as the rest of you but sometimes more, sometimes less.
I am completely different, and also the same. I am no riddle, I am only Me.

Dammned if I don’t damned if I do, I could tell you about all the shit I went through but after you tell me a couple storys, maybe just one or could we try for two? Intrigued with care and ponder to everything in life thats ever made you blue and I wonder what goes through your mind and all of the time I think about you, and what your up to, and if anything in life is new and if your thinking bout me too
whats with all this shit I’m saying? it sounds so familiar like some kind of dejavu…
can’t say I havn’t said anything that wasn’t true, but this time I ain’t kidding you sometimes I put things I say in way thats a whole different veiw, a mind game I thought everybody knew, something I’m just gonna have to get use to. you too.

Its not easy being me, never being able to believe in anything you see
preaching what you know to those just incase they might agree but they call you crazy cause all you do is sit up in your room and smoke the tree looking like you havn’t see the light of day in one two or even three days, the haze, cause its free they feel you need that are you a feind but naw not an addict not a wanna be no fake no loser no bum to be just wanna make money living in your bros basment at the age of seventeen  living it up like your suppose to be with no mommy and daddy cause they be acting to fucking cheap cause they into crack to deep and theres way to much heap happening in this house for my heart to handle, I’m weak and They don’t even see.